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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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saying hcg doesn't work for weight loss, it keeps coming back in popularity. that is either a testament to its power or the power of suggestion. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. we have much more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your weather, your traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues now. you are looking live right now at the interloop of the beltway near darcy road in bridge county. only one lane of the inner loop is getting by because of a late night crash involving a tractor- trailer that hit an overpass. >> that sparked some massive flames. let's look at some video sent in from a viewer actually. there it is. glad to have you with us early this morning. we'll keep an eye on this story and get you the latest updates on traffic from julie. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa.
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it is time to say good morning to tony who is in with our forecast for today and we are off to a cold start this morning after what turned out to be a pretty decent day yesterday afternoon. >> not a bad day. today won't be bad either. we've got temperatures in the 0s and some spots in the 30s. in the 20s and some spots in the 30s. here is a look at the satellite- radar. it again remains calm. -- we've got temperatures in the 20s and some spots in the 30s. partial cloud cover for your morning hours. your forecast looks like this. after some morning clouds, we'll see some late morning and afternoon sunshine. temperatures today more mild.
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add about 10-degree to what you had yesterday and that is what you will get today. washington, 57. la plata, 58. 56 in frederick for your high. we want to check the roads with julie wright. i believe we'll go to the breaking news right now, that tractor-trailer which burst into flames during that three- vehicle crash on the inner loop of the beltway. >> this is right near darcy road, the overpass there, about 11:00 last night. several lanes still closed this morning. sarah simmons live at the scene. we saw just one lane creeping by at this point. what is the latest? >> reporter: what we know so far from maryland state highway is that it appears as though they believe the overpass is safe. they have not reopened the
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overpass itself, darcy road, to traffic. but they hope to get more lanes of track here opened up on the inner loop. take a look at the video. this is pretty impressive from last night about 11:00 when prince george's county fire department says that tractor- trailer hit the bridge embankment at the darcy road overpass. there was some underside damage to the overpass. that is what they have been looking into to see if the bridge is still safe. apparently, they have determined that it is but they are still going to have to clear the area through here. three vehicles were involved altogether. paramedics did take one person to the hospital that was injured. at this point, the driver of the tractor-trailer, we were told from firefighters last night was presumed to be inside the tractor-trailer cab. the tractor-trailer itself is still here on the scene. they say that he was unaccounted for. at this point, maryland state police still are not confirming that the driver passed away in this accident. we do not know for sure, have
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confirmation yet at this point from maryland state police on that. but again, this is going to be a headache for folks this morning on the driving side of things. one lane of traffic that is getting by. but the scene here is still pretty active as they try to clean up and figure out exactly what happened here last night. back to you guys in the studio. >> we want to go to julie to take a look at what is happening out there and maybe help some people around that mess. >> thank you. good morning to you all. let's get back to the live shot. on the inner loop as you travel southbound 95/495, that is where we have only one lane of travel getting through at this hour. so again, rush hour hasn't really kicked into full effect obviously. the light traffic volume is definitely working in your favor but people are definitely moving well below speed single file to the left on this inner loop as you travel south of 214 central avenue but before you reach route 4 and all of this activity there at the darcy
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road overpass. let me help put it in perspective for you. if you are traveling the inner loop coming from the north to the south, it is only one left lane that is getting by here at the darcy road overpass. you guys coming out of greenbelt, coming out of land am or college park, you may want to cut through town and use d.c. route 295 and a combination of the bw parkway as your alternate routes. i think that will save you some time especially as volume continues to build through the rush hour. again, authorities are hoping to have at least two left lanes open by 6:00 a.m. that is only two lanes open. there will be a rubbernecking delay on the outer loop so anticipate that the east side of town will be backed up for quite some time so d.c. route 295 kenilworth avenue a good option for you. in montgomery county, southbound 270 looks great. no problems to report out of germantown headed south out towards mva. northbound i-95 in both the express and the main lines headed northbound towards the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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new this morning, main is dead, a woman in the hospital after i alate night dispute in gaithersburg, maryland. montgomery county police say they found the body of a man in the cider mill apartments around 11:00. woman was rushed to the hospital. homicide detectives are not releasing the victim appears names yet or their relationship with one another. grief counselors will object hand at a charles county high school just one day after a young teacher was killed in an apparent murder-suicide. 4-year-old christopher hoefert was shot at least twice at a busy intersection in white plains. -- 24-year-old christopher hoefert was shot at least twice at a busy intersection in white planes. air force technology teacher at north point high school. >> this is a 24-year-old young man, second year teacher in our school system who came to us from buffalo and started a new life and started a career. >> hoefert also coached track at the school and the school's robotics team. according to police, the men were next door neighbors and co-
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defendants in a stolen car case headed to court. an american reporter recover nation u.s. hospital after she was sexually assaultedded and brutally beaten in egypt. cbs's lara logan was reporting from cairo last friday. she was in tahrir square after president mubarak stepped down. she was only saved when a group of women and 20 soldiers stopped the attack. >> it just demonstrates what foreign correspondents, war correspondents do is just what everybody else would not do when really bad things are happening. they run and go toward the trouble. >> logan reconnected with her crew and returned to the united states on saturday. much more coming up including more protests in the middle east. demonstrators spending
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protests in the middle east are spreading across north after catch the unrest is now in libya where hundreds of protesters gathered in the streets of the capital. they've been protesting in libya's second largest city also. thousands have joined a facebook group calling for people to protest today. in bahrain, protesters are occupying the central square in the capital. hundreds are copying protests in only i wanted by camping out overnight. in yemen this morning, police are clashing with 3,000 marchers in the fifth straight day after protests there. new questions surrounding the deadly anthrax attack shortly after 9-11. a panel of scientists came out with a report that says the fbi's case isn't as conclusive as stated and questions whether army scientists bruce ivins acted alone. letters containing the deadly spores were sent through the mail in 2001 killing five people including two postal workers here in d.c. the fbi
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linked the anthrax to a traffic at fort detrick army lab where ivins worked but they found all the anthrax didn't match. we'll get an update on a huge commuter project, coming up. >> the first section of maryland's intercounty connector opens next week. we'll take you on a tour and tell you when you can ride for free. also coming up, the latest on today's forecast. a fine day in store for us. julie wright is here too. she will tell us about the major problems around the area this morning on the roads. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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a dog from virginia winning big honors last night at madison square garden. it is a scottish deerhound named hickory who took best in show honors beating out six other finalists. the five-year-old dog is from warrenton. >> actually flint hill, lives
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in a 50-acre farm in flint hill, children. she finished third last year. today, the winning canine will get a steak dinner and a trip to the top of the empire state building. pretty good gig. >> how big is that dog? >> i don't know how big they get to be but really pretty. we should try to catch up with them when they get back from new york. >> do dogs like going to the empire state building? idon't know but the steak pretty good. >> congratulations. >> that is always a lot of fun. >> good stuff. >> can't wait to go home and watch the recorded version. >> you recorded it it. >> do you slow it down? >> i'm a nerd. what can i say. >> give your own commentary? >> i leave that to you two. >> we've got your bus stop forecast. we can show you what you can expect this morning as you are getting the kid ready for
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school. check it out. sunrise has now backed off to earlier than 7:00 a.m. we have been watching it day by day. 6:58 is your sunrise this morning. partly sunny skies. temperatures in the upper 20s, some of new the low 30s. here is a look at those temperatures. we can show you what is happening where. 33degrees in the district. 30 up in gaithersburg. annapolis is at 32. quantico, you are at 27. winchester, 4. hagerstown, it is 3 # degrees so those temperatures pretty consistent across the area. -- hagerstown, it is 32 degrees so those temperatures pretty consistent across the area. most of the area just reporting calm conditions and winds will be lighter through the day today. all right. satellite-radar. i don't know what number day this is where we have a map that shows almost no activity.
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you have some frozen precipitation across the great lakes region. detroit seeing a little precip early this morning. here, we've just got some clouds passing through. i do think our skies will become mostly sunny for the day but we have to get through some morning cloud cover. here is your forecast for today. partly sunny, mild temperatures this afternoon, 57 degrees. that is 10 degrees above normal. 10degrees above normal. then for tonight, we will see clear skies. it is cool overnight. overnight lows in the upper 30s in town. lower 30s outside of town so not too bad for tonight. five-day forecast, check it out. i think you will like it. tomorrow, thursday, 63 degrees and mild. friday, 68 but tucker and i are being -- we are being reasonable and a little conservative with this. we could easily, many of you could get to 70 degrees on friday. that will be good. things cool off for the weekend. 5 # on saturday. mostly sunny sunday and 49 for your high.
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that is a look at what is happening with your weather. -- 52 on saturday. sarah simmons has been reporting live all morning from the crash of this tractor- trailer on the inner loop of the beltway. on the east side of town, that inner loop traveling southbound 495-95 is where you will find this activity. traveling on the inner loop, only the left lane able to get through on this inner loop as you travel from 214 headed down towards route 4. they were investigating to see if there was any structural damage done to the overpass. the overpass is still shut down at this point. the inner loop, only the left lane is able to get through at this point. they are hoping to have two left lanes open by 6:00 a.m. we'll keep you posted on that. what that means for commuters this morning on the inner loop of the beltway is that traffic will start to build quickly on the inner loop, the east side of town. better bet is to cut through town. d.c. route 295 kenilworth avenue, a great option for you coming from the north to the
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south. you guys coming out of clinal park, greenbelt, landover, that will be a better bet for you at this time. -- you guys coming out of college park. traffic outbound on 66 now cleared of construction as you approach 267. southbound 270 in the clear germantown headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a project to remember a dark time in our nation's history but it is not going as planned. >> overturned benches, overgrown weeds an overflowing garbage. not exactly a way to honor the slaves. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you what is going on here and why some people are so upset. 
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february is black history month and we honor it by looking at the good and bad including a dark time in our nation's history, slavery. >> there were plans for a u.s. national slavery museum in virginia but it was never built. there are people who still want answers. beth parker has a report. >> reporter: trash on the ground, benches knocked over. >> that is a disgrace, a total disgrace. >> reporter: even uglier when you know this garden was built to honor and remember slavery. in the center, stave use of a
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slave cho was broken free of his chains. >> i'm mad. >> this is personal for serbia parker. former virginia governor doug wilder proposed the idea for a national slave museum and it was supposed to be built by 2007. >> built and locationed in virginia because that where is it started. >> reporter: it is also where the museum ended. pear irand his wife donated $75,000 worth of artifacts to the museum. >> i never forget when i first saw my first newspaper if williamsburg ark newspaper that said negros for sale, i stood there and i cried because then it made sense. this was for real. >> reporter: this 2004, they turned over one-fourth of their collection to the museum. >> my wife and i aren't rich people. this is something we wanted to to that would be here long after we were gone. >> reporter: that museum was never built. where is your stuff?
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>> i don't know. have i no idea. >> >> reporter: is mute moussaoui evening magazine director is gone and he says wilder has not answered his letter. >> people that donate their money, their artifacts, they should see what happened here. doug wilder shouldn't just walk away. >> reporter: it is not just the donors who are trying to fine the people who are running this museum project. the tax collector who like to talk with them too. you see, the museum owes close to $150,000 in back taxes to the city of fredericksburg. it is for this land and the city treasurer told me today this is the time when they would normally step in and take the land back. but as he put it, nothing about this process has been normal. parker worries he will never see the artifacts. other than so -- >> i don regret it. the only thing i regret is this. lord have mercy.
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former governor wilder release a statement about this on these web site. he says the board is still committed to building a museum but has had to suspend funding efforts because of the economy. >> wilder also says all donated artifacts are being held safely in storage and are receiving due care. coming up, a late night crash on the beltway is our big story this morning. big flames and it is still affecting the commute this morning. >> we'll get an update from julie and check in with sarah simmons live at the scene. stay with us. we'll take a break and come back. it is 5:26. m
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welcome back. there is a live look at traffic moving aross the wilson bridge early. cold out there too to start off this day. >> chilly temperatures. >> we are in the 20s in parts of the area so a cold start to the day but it will be a beautiful day. i think everyone will be happy with today. well, most people. and everyone is never happy. >> that is true. >> let's see. temperature across the region right now, 33 degrees in d.c. ocean city, maryland is at 24 degrees. winchester, virginia, 4. baltimore, 27, fredericksburg, 28 degrees. a-- winchester, virginia, 24.
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not terrible but cold. we do have more clouds this morning than we've had recently and they will hang in there for a little while but eventually we'll get that cloud cover pushed out of here and we'll get, i think, partial to mostly sunny skies for the bulk of the day. it will be a pretty day and a mild day. here is your forecast. partly sunny skies, mild this afternoon, high 57 degrees. not bad at all. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. appreciate it. we are getting new detail on the fiery crash we've been following all morning long. a tractor-trailer burst into flames during a three-vehicle accident on the inner loop of the beltway. the driver of the truck has died. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: good morning. as far as the investigation goes, it is still going on this morning, several hours later.
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this is the tarsy road overpass on the inner loop of the beltway. there are still three lanes that are closed. one lane of traffic is getting by but slowly this morning. behind me, this is actually the overpass. can you kind of see it is a little bit dark still but you can see the crumpled cab of that tractor-trailer back there. so investigator is are still here trying to piece together exactly how this three-vehicle crash happened. they had determined that the bridge itself is safe but they have not opened darcy road or the overpass itself over the beltway as of yet. so we're hoping in the next couple of hours that they will be able to do so. just to recap, this happened at about 11:00 last night. take a look at this fiery video sent in to us from a viewer. this ways three-vehicle accident. bridge county fire department is telling us that the tractor- trailer somehow during that accident went into the embankment of the darcy road overpass and caught on fire. one person was taken to the
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hospital. the tractor-trailer driver did die at the scene. we did talk with some witnesses as well as you can imagine. a pretty scary situation to come about. take a listen. when we came, the trush already crashed. it was engulfed in flames. we can see the flame going across the bottom of the bridge over here. a couple of cars were hit down there. -- when we came, the truck already crashed. >> we see all the damage to the cars that hit along the side and we saw all the police cars around. we just came off of work so we were just pulling up and it kind of hit us kind of unexpectedly. >> reporter: now, again, it is still under investigation as to exactly what caused the crash but as for the morning commute, it is definitely going to be a difficult one this morning. back to you guys in the studio. right now, we want to get a
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look at traffic. julie wright is in with that. we'll map it out and hopefully get that live shot up for you in just two seconds. we'll map it out for you and show you if you are traveling on the inner loop of the beltway coming out of landover head down towards forestville. the inner loop of the beltway traveling between 214 and routed 4, that is where the accident activity occurred. you will find now traffic is able to squeeze by using the two left lanes. they do have two left lanes that are getting by as you travel the inner loop of the beltway coming out of landover down towards forestville. delays are already forming back at ritchie marlboro road. the better bet is to use the combination of the bw parkway and ken ill worth avenue d.c. 295 as your alternate routes coming from the north to the south. again, cut through town while you can. that is going to be your best option right now coming off the parkway and 295 in d.c. we'll take it back inside and we'll update your ride elsewhere. if you are traveling that inner
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loop, we've got the delays coming around from ritchie marlboro road so the east side of town already starting to stack up. the outer loop of the beltway leaving 95 headed around towards georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police in montgomery county investigating a suspicious death late last night. they got a call just after 11:00 for a domestic violence incident. this was can he cider mill apartments in gaithersburg. when police got to the apartment on lost knife circle, they found one man dead and a woman injured. she is in the hospital this morning. detectives are not yet identifying the victims or detailing their relationship. county high school s will be at just one day after christopher hoefert was shot yesterday at a busy intersection. his alleged killer, robert becker turned the gun on himself. hoefert was a technology teacher at waldorf's north
5:35 am
point high school. >> chris could teach kids how to do sophisticated design but have fun. that is what chris was about. he always had a smile on his face and he was always enjoying what he did. it is devastating. >> hoefert all coached track and the school's robotics team. according to police, the men were next door neighbors and co- defendants in a stolen car case. say the a network news reporter in the hospital recovering from a brutal attack in egypt. lara logan reporting on the uprising whether she was sexually assaulted. she was in tar air square when a mob of 200 people surrounded her news crew. she got separated from her coworkers. she suffered a horrific beating. she was saved by a group of women and soldiers. frank sesno knows about the risks of reporting overseas. >> this is an act that it is just shocking to the soul. when you are in the crowd in the middle of a revolution,
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you've got your life in your hands. >> the committee to protect journalists says at least 140 correspondents were injured or killed by government thugs in the last few weeks. russell, the lab was shot in the leg but is expected to be okay. the dog's owner says russell and a cocker spaniel somehow escaped their home in upper northwest. the officer says the dog came at him and a citizen in an aggressive manner. >> we look outside and all of a sudden, there is 10 police cars in the street. we don't know what is going on. we come outside. they say a dog was shot. the policeman apparently shot a dog that approached them. >> d.c. police are investigating which is standard after any politician action involving force. president obama raising the
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stake in the standoff with pakistan over a detained american embassy employee. up next, why the president says pakistan has much to lose if the case drags on. how one teacher's blog has landed her in trouble because of some not owe kind words she had to say about her students. the dow down about 41 points on a weak retail sales report. nasdaq was off about 13 points. nikkei up overnight at a new 10-month high.
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making headlines, a drive going the wrong with a crashes into a police car in texas and the whole thing caught on camera. you can see the vehicle going north in the southbound lanes. police started to follow that car. that is when the same vehicle drove right into the police cruiser. the drive was allegedly drinking and driving. nobody else was hurt in the crash. an american diplomat is still being held in pakistan despite his diplomatic immunity and president obama is calling on packston now to release him. raymond davis shot and killed two people he says were trying to rob him back on january 27th. police there say it is, quote, clear-cut murder. senator john kerry is in pakistan to try to get davis freed. in mexico, two u.s. immigration agents were shot yesterday. one was killed, the other is in the hospital.
5:41 am
they were driving to mexico city and were stopped at what looked like a military check point and somebody opened fire. the mexican military says it doesn't have any checkpoints there. this morning, u.s. and mexican officials are working closely to investigate this shooting. a pennsylvania teacher's blog has landed her a suspension. 30-year-old natalie monroe says she stands by what she wrote. the blog, written a year ago, said monroe wished she could put on students' report cards comments such as quote, frightfully dim and rat-like. no students were named but monroe was suspended but with pay. special birds flying for free. you an update on a story for survival. trouble for the turtles. hopes of making the ncaa tournament fading fast. we'll check in with the sports junkies. pe's rig
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we are back now at 5:44 on this wednesday morning. off to a chilly start but tony
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says it looks like we are ain no a nice warm-up later today. about a dozen birds injured in the gulf oil spill are flying free in the wild today. a lot of you will remember the devastating images of animals covered in oil. many have recovered now. they are free. workers treated the bird and cleaned up the oil. about 40 are still recovering. we are going to check in with tony with a look at our forecast today. tony is saying, if i'm getting it right, don't worry about what it is like right now, it will be nice later. >> wear your jacket this morning. later on today, you will be shedding that jacket as we will see just fine, mile conditions through the day today. cold temperatures this morning. they are in the 0s and the 30s all across the region. mild later. i expect our highs to be in the 50s later on today. -- they are in the 0s and the 30s all aross -- they are in
5:46 am
the 20s and the 30s all across the region. rain returns on monday. here is a look at temperatures across the area. again, 0s and 30s. that is it. 33degrees now in washington. 30 in gaithersburg. -- again, 20s and 30s. tull less airport is at 26 degrees at this hour. here is what is going on. we have some winter warmth that is going to work its way in here. we have a taste of it on monday. 47degrees yesterday. that is our average high for the day. we'll see a warm front come through here and for thursday and friday, temperatures are going to be well into the 60s and in parts of the area, down to our south in the 70s. i certainly think some of those 70-degree temperatures will get very close to washington on friday. so the forecast for washington for today looks like this. partly sunny, mild temperatures this afternoon. that is 10-degree above normal. 57degrees, not bad at all. not as breezy as it was yesterday. for tonight, clear skies,
5:47 am
school overnight. 39 for your low in town. we'll see some lower 30s in the suburbs but not as cold as it has been. five-day forecast, tomorrow, mild and 63. friday, 68 degrees with some of you maybe up to 70 degrees. then we cool off for the weekend. saturday, 52 and on sunday, sunshine but a high of only about 49 degrees. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> a couple of problems coming in oust southern maryland this morning. traffic lights aren't working properly. the big story has got to be what occurred on the beltway around 11:00 last night. that is the crash, the fatal accident involving a tractor- trailer accident activity. if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway as you travel from the north to the south, this is a live picture here. we'll map it out for you. live pictures here from the scene had the two left lanes getting by on the inner loop as you work your way past the darcy road overpass. south of 214 but well before you reach route 4, that is
5:48 am
where the accident activity occurred. you will find the two left lanes squeezing by. as the rush hour continues to build and grow in volume, likely to find delays on both sides of the beltway. again, those delays on the inner loop stacking up from before ritchie marlboro road trying to squeeze by this accident scene. that is why we are suggesting the combination of the parkway and d.c. 295 kenilworth avenue. lanes are open if you are continuing to work your way along northbound i-95 out of dale city. no incidents to report here along 66. the minor fender bender already pulled over to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. dozens of united airlines flights were either canceled or delayed after the airline grounded 96 planes on tuesday. they were all 757s. united said it took the ask to make sure maintenance checks
5:49 am
could be completed. it is not clear yet how much of an impact that might have to travelers in the area today. the airline passenger bill of rights has only been in place for about 10 months. already, it is at risk. the house begins work on the faa reauthorization bill. the senate included passengers' rights language the house has not. passengers say the rules like limiting the time a plane can sit on the tarmac have made a difference. >> i think it has gotten better because they communicate with the passengers more. >> they are much nicer since the big controversy, much more polite. >> as a federal rule but not a law, the passenger protection can be taken away at any time and while flight delays are down, flight cancellation are up. they say that is the consequence of this new rule because airlines would rather cancel a flight than risk paying the fines. terps could be in trouble trying to make the post-season play this year. george mason riding a win
5:50 am
streak. the sports yawrchgies from -- the sports junkies practice 106.7 the fan. i was just looking the espn's brackettology and they have him pegged as an eighth seed. >> they have two rowing sent games left but bottom feeders in the conference, don't see them losing to northeast nor georgia state. huge win on the road especially at vcu. >> winning at richmond where the colonial athletic association tournament is, that gives them a boost. we can win this whole thing on a site that is not that friendly to george mason. >> andating seed is probably fair. if you had the tournament now, that is probably fair. we've seen george mason do it
5:51 am
before. the bottom line is he is a great coach. he talk about how he changed his offensive system towards the end of last year. >> the only thing i would guard against and i'm a huge mason fan. we all love the coach. we have to keep our expectations muted even though coach l has these guys going. we can't expect them just to go on another final four run. if they win a game or two in the tournament, that is still an outstanding season. >> i hard him say a completely different team. with mason, you never count them out. >> it is a different team. coach l has already said that the junkies can give the pep talk before the ncaa tournament. we'll bring the boys in studio. >> we should have fox 5 in. >> is that a reward for them to
5:52 am
get that or not? >> not sure. we're very inspirational. >> we did it years ago and it paid off. >> maybe f that works, then you can go over to maryland and do something with gary william to get them righted. they are not playing so well. >> who wants to give a pep talk to a team that look like they're headed to the nit. they fall for 5-6 in the acc with the loss last night at virginia tech. it will take close to a miracle to get into the ncaa tournament at this point. >> i was looking at the box score and adrian bowie and cliff tucker i think have combined for like seven points. they need more production from beyond jordan williams. >> gary has been let down by the seniors a little bit. the young guys are performing. jordan williams, bts pretty much a double-double machine at this point. but you need your seniors an even a guy like sean mosley who i think is a joy to last night he gives you four points.
5:53 am
they have to shoot better for outside. >> it was tough to contain eric green and malcolm delainey. blacksburg is a tough place to win when you have guards like that. >> washington castles back in action. venus and serena will be in d.c. i don't know how high tennis ranks on your list of things to watch, but that is kind of cool. >> i am a huge tennis guy. i think any time you get an opportunity to seat players, the problem is the matches are so quick. if you have never seen professional tennis up close, even women's professional tennis, you would be blown away by it. the fact that we get to see the william sisters here play, if you are in up to and got a little bit of time, go over there and check them out. >> they've got like music going. >> a fun event. >> the whole thin, start to finish. maybe we'll see you there.
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we'll make a debt, foal owes. we'll make a date, fellows. it will be fun. >> a big mandate. they made headlines in the late 80s for live syncing. that is coming back into the spotlight. we'll tell you why when fox 5 morning news returns. can you blame it on the rain? 
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today, it is theresa gardner hayden. she said she would love to be the fan of the day because she is celebrating her first anniversary of being cancer- free. we are glad to hear that. thank you for watching. >> that is milli vanilli, of course. amovie is being made about their live syncing scandal. why did it take 20 years to do it in don't know. the two fellows who made up the duo had a string of hits before they were discovered. students at one local high
5:58 am
school took to donkeys. the game was played with all of the usual rules. we'll take a look at all of our top stories. we are checking out your morning commute for you. got some big problems on the beltway in maryland. we'll check in with sarah on that. tony has our forecast. we'll be right back. 
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